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Choose Orangutans Kids

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Conscientious Clothing's original Choose Orangutans Not Palm Oil is expressing your need to protect the environment and orangutans.

Palm Oil is a vegetable oil from the palm fruit that is high in saturated fact and only grows in temperate lands. It is used in food manufacturing, beauty products, household goods, and biofuel. The largest producer is Indonesia. Its harvesting contributes to global deforestation and habitat loss for 8 of the most vulnerable animals, and primarily orangutans. Please do your research on what products to buy that do not have palm oil in it.

This garment is for eco conscious and super cool humans like yourselves. It was made my me, an eco-friendly teacher and mom who really cares about the Earth. Buying it helps animals and helps you express your love for the planet. It will distress naturally and get more awesome with age. If you want to preserve it, you can wash it one delicate with colors. Made in the USA. 

A percentage of every sale goes to animal organizations.

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