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Blue Fin Tuna Tshirt

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Conscientious Clothing's Blue Fin T-shirt. Bluefin tuna swim up to speeds of 40 mph. They get up to 6 feet long and weigh as much as 1,500 pounds. They swim toward the surface in the Pelagic Zone. Did you know that bluefin tuna is the most widely caught fish in the sushi market?

Bluefin tuna are found in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. They form in schools and are migratory animals. They live in the sunlit zone. Their habitat is being encroached by nets, longlines, and gill nets. They live up to 40 years in the wild.

A bluefin tuna’s diet depends entirely on fish. They are predators. They eat fish, squid, crustaceans, and baitfish. Unfortunately, they compete against fishing vessels for their food source and are not growing to maturity. Their population is rapidly decreasing. 

Bluefin tuna need s healthy ocean to survive. They need adequate fish sources and need to be free from humans catching them. In order to no be endangered anymore, Blue Fin’s cannot be on our sushi plates anymore. 

In order for the bluefin tuna to survive, there needs to be harsher measures taken: quotas and limits on catch, a reduction on overfishing and illegal fishing, and new limitations on their stock and more regulations for fishing competitions.  Bluefin tuna’s should have stricter regulations and if they are too small, they should be thrown back. However, many commercial fishing boats are not regulated therefore the catch is overlooked and these fish are being depleted. Climate Change is also contributing to a declining population due to the warming of ocean temperatures.

This garment is for eco conscious and super cool humans like yourselves. It was made my me, an eco-friendly teacher and mom who really cares about the Earth. Buying it helps animals and helps you express your love for the planet. It will distress naturally and get more awesome with age. If you want to preserve it, you can wash it one delicate with colors. Made in the USA. 

Combed ring spun.

XS Chest 31"-34"

S Chest 34"-37"

M Chest 38"-41"

L Chest 42"-45"

XL Chest 46-49"

2XL Chest 50"-53"

This shirt plants a tree and restores a habitat.   

The true color is on the model. 

Buy a gift that support environmental causes. 

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