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About the Author

Franceil Masi, Author and Illustrator

Franceil Masi is a 20+ year public school educator, published author and mom. In addition to educating our youth, Masi has also founded a clothing brand providing sustainable clothing, dedicated to benefitting and helping create awareness of organizations that advocate for and aid animal wildlife.

About the Book

Empty Ocean is a non-fiction children's book that examines the problems that exist in the ocean as a result of pollution, overfishing, and destruction to the ecosystems of fish and sea animals. It is an informative and a call to action book that needs to be in every classroom. It asks essential questions, What would the ocean be like if it were empty? Would that take place in our lifetime? How could we live in a world where there are no fish? What would happen to humans?

The first section is about how humans caused the ocean to suffer and the facts about what is happening to the ocean pollution wise: single use plastics, deaths of sea animals, 5 gyres, and climate change.

The second section is about fish and how fish populations are declining due to human activity: dead zones, red tides, and how we are eating the top predators. 

The third section is about fishing and how we are overfishing with the types of fishing such as trawlers, gill nets, and purse seines.
The fourth section is marine animals section which talks about endangered sharks, dolphins, orcas, and whales. 

Finally, the last section is a call to action and what you can do to help the ocean, reduce your fish intake, adopt an alternative diet, donate, and clean up the ocean. 

Lesson Plans/ Activites

Click here for my links to Teachers Pay Teacher's for Lesson Plans and Activites related to the ocean.


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