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Why ECO-KITS can save the planet and you?

Why ECO-KITS can save the planet and you?

Eco-kits are a new and useful accoutrement. Hailed from the days of camping in the wild, the eco-conscious movement not only encourages you to carry your own straw and utensils when you are visiting restaurants, but to keep them in your car, and use them everyday. 

So many local companies are selling this item, including Sea Shepherd and 4Ocean, and zero waste stores across America. This is a valuable asset because single use plastic is a huge problem and single plastic waste from restaurants are slowly being outlawed in counties in the US. 

How can Eco-Kits help?

They are a great alternative to single use plastic when you are on the go. You can stuff it in your glove compartment of your vehicle and take it to work with you or send it with the kids for lunch. This will not only save the planet but  save you in case you forget your silverware for your lunch. 

Why our Eco-Kits are the best?

Our eco-kits are amazing because we make our own version of it and it's completely rad. 

Eco-kits are completely reusable items. They are handmade from old shirts, and re-fabricated and designed to help you become more mindful of a zero waste lifestyle. The eco-kits themselves are machine washable in cold or warm water and last longer on the gentle cycle. 

Eco-kits include the hardware of: 2 straws, 1 cleaner, a bamboo toothbrush, 1 set of wooden utensils for multi-use (just wash and reuse), and 1 cloth napkin.  

Everything is sourced from reliable companies. Each eco-kit is unique because we don't use the same shirt twice and there is a possiblity of different sources for hardware. 

We also make a handmade printed napkin with our company logo on it. And...our company logo is sewed onto each Eco-kit.

A percentage of every sale goes to animal organizations.

Please check out our lifestyle collection page for a listing of available Eco-kits and add it to your lifestyle today. 

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