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Why Buy Eco-Conscious Clothing?

Why Buy Eco-Conscious Clothing?

Did you know that the fashion industry contributes 10% of global carbon emissions? Fashion is the third most polluting industry globally, pumping out 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. 

Everybody wants to look trendy, but overconsumption and fast fashion practices destroy our environment. 

Luckily, eco-conscious clothing companies allow consumers to look fresh without damaging the planet. Should you invest in an eco-friendly wardrobe?

Read on to learn more about how eco-conscious clothing is becoming the future of fashion.  

What's So Bad About Fast Fashion?

"Fast fashion" refers to the rapidly-producing fashion industrial complex. You can find fast fashion merchandise at incredibly cheap prices in malls and online shops. Don't be fooled; the materials used in these items are incredibly cheap too. 

Fast fashion clothing is not made to last, and companies usually rely on fleeting fashion micro-trends to make a profit. Polyester, rayon, acrylic, and other synthetic fabrics are all fancy names for the same thing: plastic. 

When these plastic garments inevitably fall apart or go out of style, they end up in landfills. The United States discards over 17 million tons of textile waste every year. 

Donating fast fashion items to thrift stores and charities does little to mitigate their overall waste. These items are cheaply made and undesirable even for people with little money. 

Environmental damage aside, fast fashion companies also rely on cheap labor. Factory workers are underpaid and forced to work in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. The fumes and chemicals produced hurt our planet and the people working in factories. 

How Can Eco-Conscious Clothing Help? 

Investing in eco-friendly clothing pieces saves more than just your wallet. Conscious choices help people, animals, and the environment find the kindness and respect they deserve. 

For the People

Consumers benefit from purchasing eco-conscious clothing that will last for years. Natural materials age much slower than synthetics and feel more comfortable over time.

If the owner decides to donate an eco-friendly piece, the clothing will still have a lot of life left in it for the next person. When the clothing finally reaches the end of its use, its biodegradable materials could allow it to return to the earth. 

High-quality and environmentally friendly pieces are better for our wallets and our bodies. Microplastics from clothing can find their way into our vital organs, where they can cause serious damage over time. 

Eco-conscious companies make concerted efforts to support their textile workers. Most of these brands are very transparent about where their clothing comes from and who makes it.

For the Animals

With textiles and clothing making up a huge portion of landfill trash, it's not hard to imagine how it affects wildlife. It is becoming increasingly more common to find animals with trash and clothing in their stomachs. Sea turtles are notorious for eating materials that look to them like jellyfish such as plastic bags or plastic in general. 

Switching to eco-conscious clothing promotes less wasteful habits. Environmentally friendly materials biodegrade much more quickly than fast fashion synthetics. This makes them less likely to end up where animals can accidentally consume them. 

For the Planet

Our rapid consumption of plastics has had devastating effects on the environment. Plastic production emits toxins into the air, contributing to global warming. Petrochemicals also enter our waterways and damage fragile ecosystems. 

Eco-conscious clothing companies make manufacturing choices in the best interest of the environment. Many eco-conscious clothing brands promote the cause with forest apparel, ocean apparel and ocean conservation shirts. These apparel styles demonstrate the wearer's support while saving the environment. 

Fashion for the Future

To cut carbon emissions in half by the year 2030, every person must do their part to reduce unnecessary waste in the fashion industry. We can strive toward a brighter, cleaner future by switching to eco-conscious clothing. 

Are you looking to invest in environmentally friendly pieces for the whole family? Shop our collection of eco-conscious clothing pieces that show your support!
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