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Lolita Is Finally Retired

Lolita Is Finally Retired

We all found out that the Miami Seaquarium retired Lolita from performing and entertaining in 2022. The Dolphin Company that has taken over the Seaquarium where Lolita has been in captivity for over 50 years and listened to the public outcries of citizens everywhere after Lolita developed pneumonia over the past few weeks. The USDA made their final assessment. Activists need to make sure their voices are heard. It is important to stand up for what you believe in even if it is unpopular. Lolita needs to be moved to Puget Sound where her family resides.

Lolita, also known as Tokitae, is a captive orca who has been living in Miami Seaquarium for over 50 years. Her capture in 1970 from the Puget Sound was a traumatic event that led to the separation from her family, including her mother, and being transported to the aquarium. Lolita has been living in a small tank ever since, which is a fraction of the size of her natural habitat. Her living conditions are inadequate, and she has been denied the opportunity to swim and socialize with other orcas, as they do in the wild.

Lolita's situation is a clear example of why orcas shouldn't be in captivity. These intelligent and social animals are known for their tight family bonds and long-distance swimming abilities, often covering up to 100 miles in a day. In captivity, they are forced to live in small tanks that limit their physical and mental stimulation, leading to health problems and even premature death.

Furthermore, orcas in captivity are trained to perform tricks for entertainment, which involves food deprivation, physical punishment, and social isolation. This kind of training is cruel and inhumane and goes against the natural behaviors of orcas. Orcas are wild animals that are not meant to be trained and held captive for human entertainment.

Studies have shown that captive orcas have a significantly shorter lifespan than their wild counterparts. The stress and confinement of captivity lead to a variety of health issues, including depression, anxiety, and aggression. In contrast, wild orcas live longer and healthier lives in their natural habitats, where they can swim freely, socialize with their pods, and hunt for their food.

It's time to recognize that orcas and other marine animals should not be held captive for human entertainment. We need to advocate for Lolita's release and the release of all captive orcas to accredited sanctuaries where they can live in large sea pens instead of smaller pools that impair their ability to swim. 



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