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How to Go Zero Waste

How to Go Zero Waste

Did you know we produce 300 million tons of plastic worldwide each year? So much of the plastic that we produce ends up in landfills or the ocean. It's hard to keep track of what to recycle or overwhelming to buy products and be concerned what happens to them, but we need to be more conscientious. 

Are you ready to try a zero waste lifestyle? Our products are a great way to spread awareness, increase sustainability, and support a zero waste lifestyle. Read on to learn more!

How to go ZERO WASTE without trying

"Zero Waste" seems a little daunting, but it means that you try

  • to produce none or limited garbage
  • don't acquire more things
  • conserve the things you have
  • and are responsible with your consumption without effecting the environment

I bet that many of you are doing things that are helping the environment.

These are easy things to do even if you are not trying to: 

  • Buy yourself the COOLEST reusable water bottle and get a water filter. It is super healthy and better than drinking water bottles from the store. Plus the water filter will take out all the harmful metals. If you still want to use plastic water bottles, make sure you recycle them in the proper container. 
  • Go through your wardrobe and pull out those clothes that you haven't worn in a while. Do a fashion show for your friends and see what you are willing to wear. 
  • Try something vegan or vegetarian. I know sounds like it wouldn't taste good, but give it a try. It might just be the cleansing solution for you. A lot of the times we have inflammation and digestive problems and we need to change up our diet or try a cleanse. Vegan doesn't necessarily mean tasteless. Meatless Mondays are pretty trendy. I know if you can't give up your steak, you can use alternative better choice meat like organic or grassfed which uses less water. The average footprint is 1,800 gallons of water per pound of beef produced.
  • Eating less or no factory-farmed meat
  • Opting for paperless solutions
  • Buying products made from sustainable methods and materials

Here are some tips to help you on your ZERO WASTE journey:

1) Use Reusable Water Bottles

1.3 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the US and 481.6 billion plastic bottles were used worldwide in a single year worldwide according to We really need to use reusable water bottles. Keep them at work, in your car, at your house. Take them to the store, to restaurants. 

Did you know Starbucks will put your drink into your reusable water bottle or mug?

This is definitely a good habit that is saving the world from an ocean of plastic. 

2) Put Reusable Bags in your car and keep some extra in there

I hear "but I recycle my bags." I know but only 9% of plastic have ever ever been recycled and recycling is declining. The better option is to keep reusable bags handy when you are going to the store and most stores give you credit for bringing them. Would you bring your bag more if the incentive were higher?

3) Try Toothpaste Tabs 

Most grocery stores, pharmacy stores, and even Target and Walmart do not sell this. So you have to do some hunting. Here is why they are so useful. 

  • They reduce wasteful plastic toothpaste tubes (400 million toothpaste tubes are put into the landfill in the US every year and 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away worldwide)
  • They travel well in jars.
  • And freshen you breath and clean your teeth just as good

Try Bite toothpaste bits, Ruut toothpaste tabs, Toothy Tabs by Lush

If you are not convinced because most toothpaste tabs don't contain flouride. Please talk to your dentist. Toothpaste doesn't have to be approved by the FDA. You can make your own oral care.

Please read the Guardian Article here

4) Bring your own utensils

Do you ever feel frustrated that you have to get yet another plastic fork or spoon from somewhere? Well get an Eco-kit. From us or somewhere else. or bring your own silverware. Just don't get the plastic. Some places have recycled or compostable utensils, which is awesome! We offer an eco-kit to help you. Click here.  Otherwise buy it from 4Ocean, Sea Shepherd, Me Mother Earth, Plastic Freedom, even Amazon. 


5) Refuse the straw

There are so many alternatives. Companies are now making it easy to get different straw made of paper, bamboo, and now metal. I encourage you to carry a straw with you in your car, your purse, or your Eco-kit. Everyday people in the US dispose of 500,000,000 every day. You could be the one saving the planet and the turtles. Please go strawless or refuse the straw!

6) Refill your bottles

Something amazing has popped up in cities across the country. Refill stations. In order to reduce plastic and continue on your zero waste journey you can CHOOSE to refill your containers with soap, shampoo, lotion, bath oil, etc. in refill stations. 

Here is a link to a nationwide list of ZERO WASTE STORES!


As you go on your journey to become more zero waste, check out our products on our products page. Don’t forget to subscribe for the latest sales and news! Be conscientious!


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