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How Can You Promote Ocean Conservation? Try Ocean Conservation Shirts

How Can You Promote Ocean Conservation? Try Ocean Conservation Shirts

Did you know a whopping 14 million tons of plastic are added to ocean waste each year? This means plastic waste will out number actual fish by 2050.

Are you ready to make more eco-conscious shopping choices? Our ocean conservation shirts are a great way to spread awareness, increase sustainability, and support conservation efforts. Read on to learn more!

Promotes Eco-Conscious Choices

"Eco-conscious" isn't an empty marketing buzzword. It refers to a state of self-awareness about our place within the environment. This includes how our actions negatively or positively affect it.

If you've ever thrown recyclable products in a recycle bin so it doesn't become harmful waste, you've made an eco-conscious choice. Other choices include:

  • Reusable bags instead of plastic disposable bags
  • Green cleaning products that don't impact air, water, and soil quality
  • Using public transit when available
  • Eating less or no factory-farmed meat
  • Opting for paperless solutions
  • Buying products made from sustainable methods and materials

Sustainability is an especially high priority for younger generations, outweighing even price. At least 73% of Gen Z consumers are willing to choose sustainable products over other products, even if it means paying more. This includes sustainable: food, personal care items, and clothing.

Creates Sustainable Clothing

Like plastic reduction, sustainable clothes are a key factor in tackling ocean pollution. Textile industries worldwide use up and pollute valuable water resources.

Eco-conscious clothing is made with environmentally friendly production. This includes:

  • Using ecologically friendly raw materials
  • Increasing apparel's durability and lifespan
  • Reducing pollutants from production processes
  • Using recyclable goods and materials in production 

Over 85% of clothing is thrown away, according to the EPA. This means an entire garbage truck full of textile waste gets dumped or burned per second. Not once an hour or once per day- but once a second, all day, every day of the year.

Sustainable clothes like eco-friendly ocean apparel help reduce this appalling amount of waste. And the benefits of eco-conscious clothes create a ripple effect of positive impacts on both your health and the environment.

Spreads Ocean Conservation Education and Awareness

Ocean apparel is designed to spark conversations. They help bring education and awareness to the people around you.

For example, at Conscientious Clothing we use endangered species designs on our ocean conservation shirts. Anyone who asks about the design will come away with a more eco-conscious view of how you’re impacting sea life.

Awareness is also vital for shaping the future. It's already created consumer demands for greener and more sustainable products.

Short-sighted companies have no reason to put the environment over profits. Only by raising awareness do we increase the pressure for economic, social, and political change. 

Ocean Conservation Shirts Help Create a Brighter, Healthier Future

Our planet urgently needs our care and healing. Making more eco-conscious choices can go a long way toward saving our environment before it's too late.

Ocean conservation shirts are a great way to reduce your own personal environmental footprint. They also raise awareness of the people around you.

Are you searching for simple yet elegant eco-friendly ocean apparel? Take a look at our selection of products. We also offer books, reusable straw kits, and more!
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Ocean Conservation Shirt

Our ocean conservation shirt spreads awareness that we need to protect our sea animals and more than 3% of our oceans and think consciously about the way in which we live. Our shirts are environmentally friendly and eco conscious, made in the USA, sourced locally, and printed with eco friendly water-based inks.
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