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Empty Ocean

Empty Ocean

What is Empty Ocean?

Empty Ocean is a book that invites you to become aware to what is happening to the ocean. It spans on a few topics that are critical to the oceans survival and challenges us to renegotiate how we can help the ocean in our own way. 

First and foremost it introduces the ocean and how amazing it is. It paints a picture of what have we done and can we fix it. Secondly it comprehends how massive pollution has changed the ocean landscape. This book lays the foundation of how fish exist in the ocean. How can they survive having natural and unnatural predators and from scientific changes like ocean acidification and habitat loss effect them? This book provides context to the distress various marine animals are having because of these new environmental issues. Finally this book gives hope to the reader. It provides some of he steps to create a healthy lifestyle, a zero waste start, and a conscious attitude so that you can save future generations and uplift humankind to be more environmental. 

Why did I write Empty Ocean?

I wanted to create awareness of how everyone (not only people on the coast but inland) effect the ocean with the choices we make. We may not be affected by overfishing directly, but we are certainly contributing to it. Consumers are the primary drivers of the economy. Supply and demand. Everything we do effects the ocean. The plastic bottle we buy, the fish we buy, where we live, the products we buy. We don't own the ocean, but we need to protect what we love. 

So I wrote the book to educate kids and adults alike on what impact we are having on the ocean, pollution, overfishing, acidification, the senseless killing of sea animals, etc. We can change all of that if I we choose to. 


How long did it take me to write this?

I spent ten years researching about the ocean, calling different organizations, writing, drawing, and creating this book. I have been an educator for the last 22 years with LAUSD and this has been my passion, teaching students how to protect what they love. I have had many conversations with scientists from NOAA, marine biologist, fishermen, whale experts, and captains. I delved deep into article upon article about the ocean and joined organizations like Sea Shepherd to renew my dedication to the ocean. 


How you can help? 

I have included several organizations that have supported me in my journey. Here you can support them. 

Clean Miami Beach

Debris Free Oceans

Clean This Beach Up



Balloons Blow


Ocean Preservation Society

Plastic Freedom

The Dolphin Project

Plastic Tides


Finally a link to my book. You can find it on the products page





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