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4 Benefits of Buying Eco Conscious Clothing

4 Benefits of Buying Eco Conscious Clothing

Want to help the environment with every purchase? If so, you’re not alone: research suggests that over a third of consumers worldwide are willing to pay more for sustainable products!

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we always find it easy to reach for green alternatives to our favorite products—though it’s often easier once we understand why it matters so much.

When it comes to eco-conscious clothing, it’s clear that sustainable textiles have huge benefits, both for you and for the environment. Before you reach for another mass-produced $5 t-shirt, here are a few reasons to consider eco-friendly clothing.

1. It’s Better for the Environment

As you likely know, modern fashion is terrible for the environment in countless ways. Most major brands make their clothes in overseas workshops, leading to air and water pollution as well as high carbon dioxide emissions during transportation to the US. Worse, fast fashion involves textiles made with plastics, which aren’t biodegradable.

Sustainable clothing, on the other hand, tends to be made from renewable materials like cotton, linen, and hemp. These clothes are also easy to make without the use of factories or overseas transport, meaning a smaller carbon footprint.

2. It’s Better for Animals

Leather, fur, and other types of clothing can require the inhumane deaths of multiple animals. In addition, even the production of cruelty-free clothing can sometimes lead to pollution, deforestation, and habitat loss in some cases.

Sustainable clothing brands, like ours, focus on offering products that are both cruelty-free and conscious of animal rights, and many focus on environmental causes to preserve existing habitats and species.

3. You’ll Spread Awareness

If you’re looking for a unique way to spread awareness through the clothing you wear, it helps to buy clothes from an eco-friendly brand. Showing off your favorite causes with beautiful designs gives you a chance to put the spotlight on what matters most—which may even prompt friends to rethink their shopping habits!

4. It’s Better for Your Wallet and Health

In recent years, we’ve become more and more aware of how fast fashion affects the environment. Because clothing can be so hard to recycle, 85% of all textiles in the US end up in landfills.

Want high-quality clothes that will last more than a single season? Fast fashion makes it impossible to hang onto your favorite clothing items, but eco-friendly clothing tends to use high-quality fabric you’ll enjoy wearing for a long time to come. In other words, these more expensive clothes may save you money over cheaper alternatives that fall apart in a few months!

Even better, because you’re avoiding the harsh chemical dyes of mass-produced clothing, you won’t have to worry about the allergic reactions some people experience upon contact with new clothes. Fabric from organic clothing brands won’t include these chemicals, meaning that you can look good and feel good in every outfit.

Shine On With Eco Conscious Clothing

Whether you’re hoping to help the environment, spread awareness, or save a few bucks in the long-term, eco conscious clothing can help. Every shopping decision you make has an impact—but we’ve hopefully made it clear that ethical clothing is the right choice every time.

As you search for the right sustainable clothing to match your style, we hope you’ll consider our range of eco conscious products. Don’t forget to subscribe for the latest sales and news!

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